Why are Doctors Calling Vitargo ‘Fighters Gold?’

By: Vitargo Success Stories

Vitargo Fighters GOLD muscle recovery

Sports Nutrition doctors call Vitargo Fighters Gold because of the direct impact our Vitargo sports drink has on the recovery time immediately after a weight cut.

This is not the only reason Vitargo is a key asset for many of our athletes and especially for our fighters. 

Vitargo is used to aid in training and muscle recovery on a daily basis yet there is an exceptional impact on the minutes and hours directly after a weight cut.

Combat sports is a growing and challenging source of entertainment, yet it presents a unique risk to its athletes.

There is something inspiring about a competitor who knows she or he is walking into a ring ready to take a punch or in the case of MMA kicks, chokes, submissions and anything else that can be legally thrown at them.

This is made even more complicated by the weight cutting process. We are grateful that the world of cutting weight has changed and is still changing to be a safer, better process for the athletes.

For those of you who do not know what happens behind the scenes during the lead up to a fight let’s leave no doubt, there is more that these amazing fighters risk than just what happens in the ring. We want to be clear and to the point with our athletes. We want to help you reach your goals safely and legally, and we have the proof that Vitargo has the speed to do it!

Let’s look behind the curtain.

You may or may not know that weight-cutting isn’t exclusive to combat sports. Athletes in all sports that require making a competition weight class work to cut weight as they approach weigh-in day. But combat sports may be the most notorious for the intense rigor to make weight close to contest bout days.

Why? Because when you step in the ring the bigger you are, the longer your reach, and the better your chance of connecting with your opponent first and fastest. The better you recover from a weight cut your edge is even greater. The goal is to win and any edge is one you’ll seek.

This pressure to win at all costs, to go earn that money or sponsorship, exists in both boxing and wrestling. In, the MMA, where there are fewer weight classes and weigh-ins happen at least 24 hours before the match he pressure can be brutal. The time frames motivate fighters to push limits and lose as much weight as possible in time for the weigh-ins, then try to recover by the next day.

When you drop pounds this fast, you’re not going for a loss in body fat – it’s water weight your shedding. Burning fat takes too long when it comes to a weight cut.

So you’re depriving your body of the life-giving goodness of water, and guess what, you run the risk of a slew of issues. Improper hydration messes with your muscles’ ability to get enough blood flow, blood flow that delivers oxygen and all the other good stuff your cells need, plus hydration aids in the removal of waste from these muscle cells. Add all this to the fact that by basically starving yourself of water, you could be risking your life.

Nicholas Rizzo, a past president and board member of the Association of Ringside Physicians, explains in a great article from Popular Science: “The two biggest threats are decreased kidney function and heat illness or stroke. Those are the main causes of deaths.”

The risk of extreme weight cutting is real, but that doesn’t mean that athletes won’t put everything on the line to win.

So… How exactly does Vitargo Sports Drink set itself apart in such a way as to be called ‘Fighters Gold?’

From the moment a fighter steps off the scale, the only thing that matters is speed. Vitargo delivers the fastest refuel and rehydration for superior recovery and performance in body and mind.

Doug Kalman PhD RD, who for the last 27 years has been a specialist in nutritional research, says

“Vitargo is the only sugar-free field-tested, university tested, and clinical trial evaluated sport performance carb drink that excels at not only keeping your muscles fueled and refueled faster but able to help you hydrate and maintain energy output like never before! In the fight game, there is no substitute for Vitargo.”

Dr. Kalman has been involved in over 100 clinical trials and projects within the pharmaceutical, medical and nutrition fields. He has published over 50 abstracts and more than 25 peer-reviewed manuscripts. He is also a Co-Editor of one journal (JISSN) and on the Editorial Board of three Scientific Journals.

Tyler Ray, one of our Vitargo Ambassadors says

“Vitargo is the ONLY supplement I trust to put into my body right as I come off my weigh ins. Not only do I get instant energy but it helps me with the reabsorption of water as I take those first steps off the scale and on to my fight. No other carb, food, or energy source hits my stomach with no issues during that first phase of recovery from a weight cut.”

From Dr. Sue Kleiner

“Fighting Sports require that you be the fastest, strongest and most powerful athlete with the sharpest mind to win. Fighters typically dehydrate and deplete their bodies prior to a sanctioned bout in order to compete within the lightest weight category possible for their stature. Refueling and replenishing the body as effectively as possible within the 24-hour window between weigh-ins and fighting can provide a competitive advantage in size and strength as well as the energy needed to go full power for 5 rounds! At the moment when speed matters, Vitargo delivers the fastest refuel and rehydration for superior recovery and performance in body and mind. Vitargo is the world’s fastest carbohydrate from mouth to muscle, no bloat and no crash, and we have the data to prove it! We are proud to be the official fuel and recovery drink of the World MMA Awards, invigorating fighters for the win and fueling their dreams!” – Dr. Susan Kleiner, PhD, RD, FACN, CNS, FISSN, co-founder of the International Society of Sports Nutrition and Author of The New Power Eating.

The experts have spoken and the fighters are on record. Here is what we know, speed of recovery is key, and the faster a fighter recovers, the safer they are in the ring.


This is exactly why the found in our line of supplements make it easy to call Vitargo ‘Fighters Gold.’

Not just for the value during training, for the way it boosts energy so we can get that last rep up, or the way it helps our bodies recover after a workout. Because if you want to be the champion, you have to use the champion of carbs.

We all want to see amazing events, successful fighters, and a stronger combat sports world!

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