30 May, 2019


What is High Performance Nutrition?

By: Dr. Sue Kleiner


There are so many ways to think about high performance. Most people go right to sports performance and athletes, but you don’t have to be an athlete to want peak performance. You can have a desire to perform at your best in all places and phases of your life. While you may want high performance on the court or the track, you might also want it in the courtroom, the boardroom, and even the bedroom. We can desire peak physical as well as mental performance from the time we are young students to old age.

There’s also the part of high performance nutrition that creates high expectations for the performance of the information that we use and the products that we buy. High performance promises should be backed by scientific research evidence and deliver successful change.

This is the intersection of my world of high performance nutrition: where significant scientific evidence informs the guidance that I share and the products that I recommend to elite Olympian and pro athletes and anyone who wants to achieve peak performance at any place and time in their lives.

Scientist, Educator, Motivator and Director

My career began before the field of sports nutrition was recognized as a specialty. Just as rules about drug use in sport were being implemented a small group of dietitians rose to the challenge of meeting the needs of athletes with targeted dietary advice. I was determined to use research evidence to counsel my clients, so I had to create the research myself, which I did. I have continued to be connected to academia, as well as founding High Performance Nutrition, LLC, my consulting company.  My role has been as a scientist, an educator, and a motivator to students, clients, teams, businesses, and my audience at large for 30 years.

During these years I have never been directly employed by a company, until now. When it comes to evidence-based products that deliver successful change, Vitargo is the real deal. In fact, it’s a game changer! I have been recommending Vitargo to my clients for a decade, and when the CEO asked me to join as Director of Science and Communication, I was very pleased to accept.

What is Vitargo?

Vitargo is a high molecular weight pure starch proven to be the fastest body fuel sports drink. While elite and professional athletes use it to fuel their game, anyone interested in optimizing their workouts in mind and body will benefit. The big reason most people waste their time in the gym or in workouts is because they are under-fueled. When you go into exercise without enough fuel, it feels like you’re working as hard as you can, but if we actually measured your energy output, it would be much lower than you perceive. You are burning fewer calories than you think, and you aren’t getting the training benefits that you’re after. A huge fail!

To get the greatest bang for each workout buck that you spend, you want to leave it all on the gym floor. Whether you’re doing this for fun, fitness or fat loss, it’s all the same. Results come from challenging yourself, and you can’t get the gains without the fuel. The harder you train the more calories you burn both during your workout and afterward during recovery. Sculpting your body comes after your workout from the high energy fat drain of hours of recovery and the rest of the day. When you under fuel your training, you don’t get the afterburn benefits.

Vitargo is so easy on your stomach that you can take it right before your workout: no stomach upset, no bloating. It begins to empty from your stomach within 10 minutes and gets right to the bloodstream to fuel training in just a few minutes more, and the benefits are remarkable. It’s just as fast for recovery. When combined with protein after exercise, Vitargo refuels your muscles faster for your next scheduled workout, and supports muscle tissue recovery and growth. Nothing works faster or better. We have the science to prove it!

I love Vitargo because you can put your starch to work for you! Eat your crispy, water-filled veggies and fruits throughout the day to get your good nutrition. Then put Vitargo around your workout to fuel your training. It’s easy, it’s proven, and it works to change your game, your mind, and your body. That’s high performance nutrition!

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