About Tyler

“Through discipline comes freedom.” – Aristotle

This quote pretty much sums up my lifestyle. I train and compete with the best fighters in the world and will soon be amongst the greatest in the UFC.

Nutrition is key when competing at the highest level and that is where Vitargo comes into play for me. I monitor everything I put into my body very closely and getting the proper carbohydrates to refuel and recover for the next training session is crucial. I use Vitargo everyday, multiple times a day to make sure my body is recovered and refueled. We train 2-3x a day 6 days a week.
Vitargo will always be in my pre and post practice regimen. I can always feel the difference on days I may not take Vitargo.
The most important time for Vitargo for me is post weigh in. As most may know MMA fighters usually cut a decent amount of weight to get down to their set weight class. I compete at the 170-pound weight class and the first thing I drink when I step off the scale is Vitargo. It’s the only source of carbohydrates I know and trust will get my body back to where it needs to be without the bloating and stomach aches.
I don’t have to worry about aches nor indigestion when trying to refuel and carb up for the fight the next day. Vitargo is and always will be a staple in my training and fight routines for the entirety of my career! To the top we go!

Current Updates

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