3 February, 2022


Vitargo Teams Up With USA Weightlifting

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vitargo + usa weightlifting

FOUNTAIN HILLS, AZ – Vitargo, Inc. has entered into a formal agreement with USA Weightlifting to be the official sports nutrition sponsor. The partnership will help bring the fastest muscle fuel and recovery drink into the lives of the nation’s strongest athletes.

“Our team has been working with elite athletes across multiple sports for a long time, including multiple Olympic medalists and American record holders,” Vitargo CEO, Bernadette (Bernie) Wooster says. “We are beyond excited to be partnering with USA Weightlifting and to be fueling the performances of some of the strongest athletes in our country and throughout the world.”

Vitargo is a crucial component on an athlete’s journey to greatness. Athletes across multiple sports have been using it for years and it’s earned the stamp of approval from some of the best coaches and athletes in the world. Weightlifters specifically have found measurable gains in their power output when utilizing Vitargo. Some in the sport have often turned to sugary beverages, candy, and sweets looking to provide quick energy. Consuming these foods generally results in a rapid crash. These fueling options pale in comparison to what Vitargo can do for these strength athletes. Vitargo is the only functional fuel that has been proven by science to empty from the stomach faster, leading to faster and greater replenishment of muscle glycogen. This ultimately provides significant advantages in endurance and strength, which is what Weightlifters are looking to increase.

Vitargo is made through a special fractionation process that makes it rapidly digestible and therefore capable of delivering glucose to the blood, liver, and muscle at over twice the speed of ordinary carbohydrates. Vitargo was developed and researched at some of the top academic institutions in the world, including the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm. The research resulted in a highly regarded published study which proved that Vitargo replenished glycogen levels in muscles 70% faster than maltodextrin-based sports drinks. A second study was published later the same year which showed that Vitargo also left the stomach 130% faster. Vitargo also has significant performance benefits, enhancing endurance up to 23% and improving power output by an average of 5%. Today Vitargo is still the fastest muscle fuel and recovery drink, used by athletes in all sports to fuel their drive.

When it comes to sports supplements, expect more! We understand that clean and safe ingredients are important to our community. The highly regarded raw starch of Vitargo comes from specially selected and strict non-GMO contract farming in the southeast of Sweden. Each and every batch is tested by an accredited laboratory. The manufacturing of our final product is done in the United States at a cGMP facility. Every batch of Vitargo is tested by the BSCG® and certified drug-free with the added benefit of being naturally gluten-free, sugar-free and vegan. Vitargo is also certified Kosher and Halal allowing us to support a wider range of athletes with unique dietary needs that can be overlooked in this industry.

For those who want to win, fuel your potential with the best. Vitargo is the proven, clean, and superior sports drinks, helping athletes reach new heights in human performance. Pre-fuel, Re-Fuel, Recover, Repeat, with Vitargo. Nothing comes close! Proof Before Promises® at https://vitargo.com/why-vitargo/proven/

About USA Weightlifting: USA Weightlifting, a member of the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee (USOPC) and the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), is the national governing body for the Olympic sport of weightlifting in the United States. USA Weightlifting’s mission is to enable U.S. athletes to achieve sustained competitive excellence in Olympic competition and to promote and grow the sport of weightlifting in the United States. For more information, visit USAWeightlifting.org.

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